Available Now (Beta) Issue


I decided to try this feature out to see how it would go.

A client replied to me in an on-going conversation, saying thanks for the work I had done. I had already sent this person a message just 10 min prior. However I was prompted by ‘Available Now’ that I had 2mins remaining to reply to this person’s ‘Thank you’ or it would be switched off.

This feature should clearly ignore on-going conversations and just be flagged for new ones. Secondly, it should only be flagging the first message that you are sent. I have replied to this person and am in discussion with them but I am being told constantly to get the last word in, which can come across as spam because it’s an unnecessary reply.

Additionally (not a bug), 5 minute replies seem much too short. If I have 3 people message me, it gives me 1-2 minutes to reply to each. It hurts the quality of the reply as I have to skim over the messages and pay less attention to the job the require. Some people ask for tricky work but don’t fully understand what they it is they need either. It gives me the job of working out what it is they need, and skimming a message won’t allow that easily.


Agree wholeheartedly - I switched it off for exactly that reason. Also, there seemed to be a lag between mobile app and desktop so the 5 minutes wasn’t actually 5 minutes. :slightly_smiling_face: