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Available now block

I got available now feature block.

I never missed new buyers questions, but i sometimes missed a friendly conversation messages.

Here is a screenshot where i did not respond a message and got block from this feature.
Ill try to explain this situation - i got order, delivered it, buyer wrote five stars review and left me a tip. I went to messages and wrote him “thanks”. And he answered me with a smile. And i did not write there nothing, because i thought our friendly conversation is over and i didnt want to be very annoying :slight_smile: But 5 minutes later i’ve been blocked in “availaible now” :confused:

I think its very very strange and offensive. Fiverr developers should improve this feature :confused:
And what do you think? :slight_smile:


Wow! Seems like it needs a twaek

Same thing happened to me, but it’s not a big deal, I just switched it off.

It’s in Beta testing, so problems are to be expected I suppose.

I’m sure they’ll have ironed out the kinks if they roll it out to everybody. :sunny:


ok, thx to all :slight_smile: just want to share my sad experience here to others

This was your last chance ? i.e. Third time ?

same case with me.why not they update notification sound high or deffarent tone

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the first and the second were totally the same :confused:

Well it is after all known as “Available now - Beta” so this basically a stage where they check their new system with community itself and get their opinions :slight_smile:

I am really Happy That I did not start this :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

I got an order for available now feature, i talked with the buyer a lot. after 2 days that buyer send me a message and i couldnt reply within 5 minutes, i have been blocked from available now feature.

That was so frustrating, as its a beta version, so i am hoping many changes on the official version

happened the same to me :smiley: relax and chill… they can block the feature to you but they can not take away your clients

Nearly the same for me haha :slight_smile: