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Available now broken?


Is the available now function broken?

I’ve been using it on and off for a few weeks and today the dropdown doesn’t render correctly.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Available Now is Not Working

It is same for me. However, it is always problem as it is still beta. I have punished 2 times which was not my fault.


Yes available now feature is not loading for me also.


I never had it so we are all even.


Your are the luckiest one :slight_smile: It drives me crazy.


I’m having same problem too. It was working & then this problem occurred while visiting other pages. At first I thought what really happened. Checked my turning off & on internet. Restarting browser. The black background is missing at top.


What I see that available now is available mostly for the new seller, I did not have it yet(I know it is not available for all yet). Maybe reason is as they are updating the system as you see the interface colors are changed now.


I was excited about this finally being visible to me few days ago. I was about to use it and I noticed it’s gone again. :confused:

No, I’m not kidding. I told several people on forum, I was going to hire sellers today for proofreading, illustration and possibly some quick translation using A.N.


I have same problem.But available bow button is working on mobile site


Yes available now feature is not loading for me also.


It is working for me, no problem.


Yes its not working for me also!


Yes same issue here :slight_smile: Recently Fiverr updated the site


Oh I face the same problem right now. Screenshot_1

Available Now Showing Blank
Available Button Section Problem

Fiverr Working This Problem Solution’s Wait And See What Happens Now


maybe they are working for updates


Yes… Now See What Type Updates Are Comming


It’s working now. Check everyone.


Never had it but I got the request of feedback’ regarding it for some reason haha.


i had no order yesterday but it says i have more than 5 orders so i am no eligible

I faced it often :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: