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Available now bug - less than 5 active orders

Sorry, you’re not eligible at this time. You must have: Less than 5 active orders

I have only 2 active orders at this time. I do have 36 “incomplete” orders where buyers have purchased but failed to follow through with information to begin the gig, and make it active.
Some of these orders are over $75… odd how people purchase and don’t complete info to get a gig started. Anyhow…

I would not call the 36 incomplete orders active. I’d like to use the “I’m Available Now” feature… What to do?


It would appear that incomplete orders also count as active orders. Therefore, you’re going to have to complete or refund at least 32 of those orders in order to make use of the Available Now feature. :wink:


But if he will refund those orders his cancellation rate will increase and he will not receive that active now feature. I will recommend to contact the buyers and then CS (I think CS they will not be able to help you but atleast you can try) :slight_smile:

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Some of these gigs are over 3 years old. I’ve nudged buyers a bunch of times. And yes, I’m warned that if I put the gig into dispute it can hurt ranking. Not sure if it does or not when a buyer doesn’t communicate… ?

At this time any of us with those old orders that never started are not eligible for Available Now. So it’s really for the newer sellers, or those who keep the unstarted orders cancelled, which of course harms our cancellation rate.


You need to complete at least five orders

I’ve completed thousands…

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I’d always left the incomplete orders because the buyer has obviously left it and I don’t want to mess around with it. Now I learn they may be harming my business?

Thats is the way it looks. If you cancel a gig to an unresponsive buyer you get the message it may potentially harm the ranking. I’ve got some incomplete gigs from 3 years ago. It’s odd how a person could spend upwards of $80 and not follow through? Money to burn?

Would be nice to hear from support on this matter.


May I know if Fiverr is considering the total number of orders on all the Gig sor if incase I have less than 5 orders on any particular Gig then do I qualify for “Available Now” feature on that particular single Gig ?

Please let me know.

Thank You