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Available now bug report

Hi ,fiverr’s

One of the issues that came across to me in the new “available now” feature Is when you turn it on and you are available now for messages, regularly you don’t seat near your computer to wait for messages so that means that you totally depend on you push notification on your cellphone this situation causes a problem because the cellular networks isn’t stable and you always experience delays between the actual time that the message sent and when you are getting the push notification on you cellular phone (not just with Fiverr) I think Fiverr should consider that also in the 5 minuets time limit


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I think that the whole point of Available Now is that you are at your computer ready to answer immediately and not wait for notifications.

I am at my computer for hours each day.

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Generally That rights! But even on their “available now” video explainer they tell you to turn on you push notifications in your cellular phone in order to get you messages on-line you can’t be attached to your computer every second on your work day ( even just for stop do drink water ).
Today the cellular phone in a very important tools in the business world .

My cell phone notifications are too unreliable to depend on.
I wouldn’t expect to be able to use that to tell me when I get a message if I am supposed to answer within five minutes.


That is right! and because of that(and more) I think 10 minuets is more appropriate for available now feature

It’s not called available in ten minutes.

If it’s available now it’s need to be in a sec if you say so and not now available now in 5 minuets also
I’m talking about reasonable time to answer to customers full and pro answers after reviewing the customer questions and not just saying hi.

Available now after couple of commercial break