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"Available Now" Feature Feedback

This is just overall feedback for available now -

  1. I am banned for 1 month. Why one month? I didn’t respond immediately, one time I responded within 6 minutes not 5, and the next 23 minutes later and I got banned for 1 month. It should be fast response within an hour or so.

  2. The person I was talking to was not an “available now” message, it was an ongoing conversation which is why I did not respond right away to this message I saw on my phone, because they said they will send me a document. So I didn’t reply, this conversation was over a day old back and forth, but yet I got banned for not responding right away because the “Available Now” feature did not detect this! This was not a new prospective client.

  3. NO WARNING - there is no warning. After the first message, which I replied to 1 minute late, within 6 minutes, there was no warning. Second time, after 23 minutes to my old client, i immediately got banned no prior warning.

But they mentioned in the video. They will excuse for 2 times for late reply and from 3rd one they will ban for 1 month. Available now feature is not available for me :disappointed_relieved: