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Available now feature is not for you?

I have 11 Order’s completed and 2 cancellation order 90% order complete rate! When i get Available Now feature?
I never get Available now feature?

use mobile browser(chrome)

I using chrome on my pc and phone application! why i use mobile browser(chrome)?
can you explain! @introguru9

I have also not get it yet.

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yeah can you find/ how can we get it!

Not mobile fiverr app.just use chrome browser in mobile.then you can find available now option :grinning:

It’s still in BETA testing as far as I’m aware, so it’s not available to everyone yet. :sunny:


But why some people get Advantage or some people Deprived on this feature?
Any specific reason? @offlinehelpers

You’d need to ask Fiverr CS for more information.

you can never get that

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