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AVAILABLE NOW feature on BETA version


That’s awesome now on Fiverr we have “AVAILABLE NOW” feature and buyers can find us easily. So be careful and use it only when you’re available that’s important for you :slight_smile:


Mod Note: Here is the Video about the feature:

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Oh, what good news. :smiley:


I don’t really get why it says “You must have less than five orders in queue.” and “I am ready to …start orders right away”, does that mean the orders received while you have “available now” selected will jump the queue of any existing orders you have in the queue, so those orders are supposed to have the highest priority compared to ones already in the queue? Though it doesn’t say they need to be delivered any sooner.



Fiverr has introduced a new Beta feature "I’m Available Now"
Available Now is a new way to attract buyers by being online, ready to respond to messages, and being able to start orders right away.
How many of you have tested it ? I really like it Do you ?


Is it at phone application or website? I am using website and found nothing new here


To qualify to use this feature:

You must have delivered at least five orders.
You must have less than five orders in queue.
You must have a low cancellation rate


I am level 2 seller.
I do not have any order in queue.
Once I cancelled order only.


IM SELLER LEVEL 1, i got and i have only 1order in queue, i really like it


New Feature called AVAILABLE NOW is an amazing feature. It’s the new way to know buyers that you’re available now and ready to respond them within 5 minutes.

You Must meet the eligibility requirements:

  1. Less than 5 active orders.
  2. More than five orders completed.
  3. Low cancellation rate.

I was just waiting for this feature.

Thank you fiverr! :grinning:


You must have delivered at least five orders.
You must have less than five orders in queue.
You must have a low cancellation rate.
its really good feature to impress & communication with buyer.easy to find active seller for any it.


I love this idea, and I’m eager to try it out! Currently, though, there seems to be a bug for me…I only have 2 active orders, but it won’t let me turn it on, because it says I have more than 5 (screenshot attached). Am I missing something? :slight_smile:


Do you have any delivered orders that are not marked complete?


maybe it’s counting even the delivered orders that haven’t been marked as complete


I think this is the best feature on fiverr


I’m excited too, I just need to get out there more and actually meet the “five orders completed” requirement! :wink:


That’s a great thought. I actually have 13 delivered orders that haven’t been rated or marked complete yet. But weirdly, once I delivered 1 of my 2 outstanding orders (so that I only had 1 left in my queue), it then allowed me to turn the feature on. :slight_smile:

I’m sure they’re still working out the kinks, which is understandable. I’ve already had an inquiry within 10 minutes of using it, so it seems very promising!


I don’t get it? Why did they include this anyway?
You can check online buyers!


Now sellers are going to abuse it too like after chrome auto refresher they will use this feature too to get more orders :3


Yes but there’s a few differences, like having to reply within 5 mins, and if you don’t 3 times you won’t be able to use the feature for 30 days - according to the FAQ. See the FAQ for more info.