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AVAILABLE NOW feature on BETA version

That’s a great thought. I actually have 13 delivered orders that haven’t been rated or marked complete yet. But weirdly, once I delivered 1 of my 2 outstanding orders (so that I only had 1 left in my queue), it then allowed me to turn the feature on. :slight_smile:

I’m sure they’re still working out the kinks, which is understandable. I’ve already had an inquiry within 10 minutes of using it, so it seems very promising!


I don’t get it? Why did they include this anyway?
You can check online buyers!

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Now sellers are going to abuse it too like after chrome auto refresher they will use this feature too to get more orders :3


Yes but there’s a few differences, like having to reply within 5 mins, and if you don’t 3 times you won’t be able to use the feature for 30 days - according to the FAQ. See the FAQ for more info.


Oh yes, you are right!
But check “How is this different from Online Now?”, it says ". Buyers and sellers are considered online when they have the Fiverr site opened in their browsers and are logged in."
But I always have Fiverr site open and logged in, however, after few mins if I did not do anything in the site I will be marked as offline :wink:

Hi everyone! We’re AB testing this feature today with a small percentage of sellers. It’s only available to some sellers tonight, but all buyers. Look for the feature (and information about it) to be available to all VERY SOON!


I think the “ban” period should be more than just a month! Because with all of these “available now” sellers you can barely have three messages from that kind, I guess. And if sellers just turned it on without being keen to reply within 5 mins, it will loose its purpose.

As they state, you they will not be able to use it again for a month.
Which I think it is not enough!

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I have the same issue. I am hoping “active orders” doesn’t include orders in which buyers didn’t submit the required information - have been nudged repeatedly but haven’t even been online for 5 years… I have several of those.


So there is a ban punishment, that’s good to know… but one month is actually fair in that… lets say someone was in a huge debt and wanted to get a few extra dollars using the feature or maybe a seller was available for work and then an electrical blackout occurred. Instead of asking why they went offline they decide to just put a one month ban…


Same here! :grinning: I’m really excited for this “Available Now” feature.


Can I see a screenshot of this feature?

I am definitely interested in seeing which sellers are online and ready for a quick order.


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Just do a search on Fiverr and it should show a box on the left side of the screen, and click on that so it’s green and should show only those who are available now:



Nope, not there for me.

That’s kinda annoying, I’m always the last to see any new feature. Figures!!

I could really use that feature as I’m working on a project and have been buying a lot here the past 3 weeks.


I haven’t got it as a seller nor do I see it for sellers.


Welcome to the club :sunny:

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Fiverr this is one idea I really like so… no complaints here. :slight_smile:


I know how that feels, as someone who’s online like 16 hours a day - this really does help a lot. Now all I can hope for is that buyers are smart enough to use this new feature.


I would love to have this feature available to me! I’m here a lot sitting around waiting on orders.


Very very glad and happy fiverr.
I love the available now feature, because I am always available most of the time yet was getting no orders or messages recently this entire year.

Available now feature is very very helpful for many sellers.