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Available NOW Feature Option


Hi… i’m join Feb 2018…
Available Now icon not showing

How to get available now option


Available now is being tested right now and is not availabe to everyone,


Hi, thank for your reply …

specific time ??


As Vickie just said, they are still testing it with select groups of people, so a specific time that they will release it to the public/the rest of the website isn’t available. It could be anywhere from days or weeks to months… and to be frank with it, possibly even years.


Or they could look into the stats, see that it isn’t worth it, and remove the option completely.


when you complete
5 orders with 5star review and no cancelation rate and response rate at least 90%. the option will automatically open|

thank you


seoexprt_sazzad, your ans wrong,…

already 5 order complete and 5 star feedback and great review…

everything ok…

actually this option not available for all user… it’s BETA version.


It seems some do not understand Available Now and are giving you information that is NOT correct. This post explains it well.


ya… i know…


Oops, I missed your last line of text. :blush:



yes, it’s beta version. if you complete this thing properly 1st 5 order without violet tos, then you can find it. fiverr don’t injustice with us.
hope you can understand dear

thank you



i’m compete 5 order without Violet TOS.

please see screenshot…


please read the message carefully . and try to understand the hidden meaning


what i can do now…???


As many people have told you including CS:

It’s in beta testing and isn’t available to everybody yet. You might get it at some point in the future.

In the meantime, stop worrying about it! :slightly_smiling_face:



Which part of “it’s not available to all users at this time” is so difficult to understand?


selling seniority only 32


That’s for moving up to the next level though, not needed for available now? :slightly_smiling_face:


This is feature isn’t helpfull now.
Also there is no more Available now option in search lisiting.
So just forget about it.


I use “Available Now” but not sure if it is good for morr sells as still many categories do not have “available now” search option.