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"Available Now" feature Suggestion

  1. It should be 10-15 minutes (because seller may go to kitchen or any short task) or need to add continuous beep so that sellers can reach the conversation breaking his concentration on present work.

  2. Does this include spam messages?


waiting for this feature for me too :smiley:


I think it should be longer too because 10-15 minutes is still super fast to respond.
With my work people come to me with long first messages that sometimes may take 5 minutes to read and decipher alone and I don’t want to say to them, hold on while I read your message. That would be really silly. Of course if this arises, I’ll figure the right way to say it. I agree is what I’m saying.
Interesting about the spam messages, I guess we’ll see in the future, probably have people having to contact CS until they figure all the kinks out.


I think that 5 minutes is fair for this kind of system. After all, it is called “available now” and therefore means that in the “now” you are not doing anything too important to avoid answering.
Also, if you stumbled upon a 5 minutes read message, you can always send out a custom message, like "Hi {username}, thank you for contacting me. I am currently going trough your offer and I will get back to you as soon as possible."
Being a seller and a buyer here, I always appreciate this kind of reply.


You may be busy with other buyers. Perhaps there come some messages at a time. What can be done then? I think it should be 10-15 minutes


yes 5 minutes is too short… i also turned On this feature but when i received some buyer message it took me like 5 minutes and some 20 30 seconds to respond and fiverr automatically disabled the feature…

It should be at least 10 minutes time…


They advice us to install the phone app so that we can answer on time, however when I got an order after turning the available now feature on, the phone notification showed that I got an order 1 minute ago, but when I checked the PC version it was showing that I got an order 6 minutes ago. So there is a delay of 5-6 minutes with the phone notification. I got lucky that the buyer did’t write any massage.


Similar problem for me - ah well, I suppose that’s why it’s a beta test! :smiley:


5 minutes is too short, I guess that means, I’ll have to glue my :iphone: to my :peach:. Ugh!

I don’t have that option yet, so yeah. Blah!


Maybe somebody should create a poll as to how many minutes.


Create one, Llyod. :sunglasses:


You have called me out on that one. I haven’t a clue. Just call in a poll expert. What about @Woofy31?


Aw, it’s ok. :slightly_smiling_face: :pineapple:


I knew you wouldn’t let us down Woofy. :slightly_smiling_face: Think he might create one!


We ourselves need to create gluing :iphone:to :peach:. :smile::wink: