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Hello Guys how you will “Available Now” feature by fiverr according to my point of view via this feature Buyer can miss quality of work because here all top rated or level 2 guys who have skills having team of 5 to 7 guys working in team form so they can handle at least 10 to 15 orders at a time but if buyer looking for quality of work and turn on available now filter buyer can miss that team quality of work
it my personal opinion only from last 48 hours just looking for your opinion

Are the new sellers unqualified?

yes until they have 5 orders completed as well low cancellation ratio

I’m sorry - I really don’t understand what you’re saying - perhaps you could try using some punctuation?

In the meantime, have a look here:

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let me explain please
As far you can check right now i have 4 orders in Que but i have a team of 7 guys and i am providing my clients full quality of work on last 2 months i earned over 10K$ but now i am not getting orders or buyer messages just because my Available Now is turn off but i have capability to handle at least 15 orders with my team
same case for all team mates or top rated they all have 30 members team can handle as many as they want orders and they are top rated because they are providing quality of work to clients so this way clearly clients can miss top rated or quality of work

what do you mean i dont understand

It’s only a beta test. Why not put your concerns on the thread I mentioned above? :sunny:

Whatever criteria were used, there would always be somebody who would say it’s unfair on them!

Nothing, wrongly posted something else, so I deleted

thank you for reply
i am sorry what do you mean by Thread?

This one:

yes i understand thank you
and what does mean by thread?

This is a thread - like a topic. :sunny:

so should i change my topic ? or delete my post if it is against forum policy i am sorry i am new to forum so i dont understand

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No - it isn’t a problem! If mods want to remove it, I’m sure they will.

Good luck! :sunny:

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ok thank you so much for your help

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