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Hey guys,

In order to have the available now feature you must have less than 5 active orders, i have active orders from 2013 that have been nudged repeatedly with no success, what does fiver recommend about my case ?




It would appear that you already answered your own question. :wink:


It means you are out of luck and cannot have that feature like me and lots of others.


My question was “what does fiverr recommend about my case ?” i don’t believe i answered my own question :wink:


They have no recommendations, but mine is that you try to forget that others have it but you and the rest of us do not.


You answered your own question. If Fiverr limits the Available Now feature to users that have less than five active orders, and you have old active orders that never acquired a timer, then you’re going to have to cancel enough of those old active orders, so that you have less than five.

This would seem to be a matter of logic and common sense. :wink:


:confused: when i finally find a feature interesting …


@misscrystal is right. If you aren’t able to use the Available Now feature, then don’t worry about it. The feature does not guarantee that you will instantly have more orders. It’s just a feature for those who would rather sit around waiting for orders, rather than going out and marketing/promoting their gigs as all businesses do.


Imagine how I feel. I’m available 7 days a week about 18 hours a day.


I know exactly that but as i said those aren’t even active they have been nudged repeatedly for 4 years


Active gigs include any order that you have received, whether there was a timer on the order that allowed you to complete it, or it never received buyer details. Active is active. There isn’t much that you can do with the non-timer orders. You can either let them sit there, or you can cancel them to clear up space (and qualify for the relatively inconsequential Available Now feature).


Same for me i spend most of time in front of the screen ( that sound sad ) but yeah … that’s why this feature would of been a real good addition


Considering the new level update both solutions have a negative impact :confused:


I should get some kind of advantage for all the time I am here. At least in my own little world, that would happen…:earth_americas:


I don’t think being unable to use the Available Now feature (which does not offer any guarantees whatsoever to begin with) is going to have a “negative impact”. If you aren’t able to use the feature, then you’re not losing anything. You still have your account as it has always been. No loss to you.

And the new levels update is hardly a negative impact either. Fiverr gives you a complete list of all the goals they want you to achieve. For the most part, you have total control over reaching (or not reaching) those goals.


I think that new levels feature might weed out some of the bad sellers or at least knock them down a level to a more appropriate one.


Exactly. And, I think that’s probably a major goal behind these new level rules. There are a lot of crappy sellers that are cheating buyers, and getting away with it. Limitations will, essentially, slap those bad sellers upside the head, and force them to start behaving. Either they reform how they treat their gigs (and in many cases, their customers), or they disappear into obscurity. Good, strong, determined sellers will rise to the top. Crappy sellers with no skills, terrible business goals, and a mindset for abusing the system will sink into the mud.


Yes it doesn’t have a negative impact right now but having it already has a positive impact from other users experiences and would of been for me too since i’m available 14-16 hours/day.
but for the level system if i do cancel those orders to get the feature i will lose my ranking and level


In my category and probably most of them, they just immediately give a refund if there is any question, or for the multitude of complaints they get so that they are lucky to have a 50% completion rate. This is their business model, that 50% completed orders is better than nothing.

I was shocked to hear from some clients that other sellers do this, just automatically refund like they make it a regular daily habit.

They are delivering horrible work and hope that a few people don’t bother to complain.


And it is these bad sellers/gigs that will become the archaeological dig sites of the future internet. They will sink into the mud, disappear, and will only be found when future historians are digging through the dirt underneath old websites. :wink: