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Available now gone

Guys I had available now feature and I activated it, somehow I’m not able to use it again because I wasn’t able to reply due to my busy time , how can I get it again?


You will get it back in 30 days


Sure very correct, make sure you use fiverr app on you phone, for easy responses and notification.

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It is really important to respond fast to the costumer, keep the available now feature open while you are on pc and stay online as much as you can.Last night I got an order by using this method!Good luck.

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If you cannot reply to the buyers messages within 5 mins for 3 times, you’ll get blocked and you’ll be unable to use it for 30 days.
I was blocked once. After 30 days I’ve got it back. And in a few days, I’ll surely be blocked again :slight_smile:

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I had this feature, lost it as I did not follow the rules 3 time now got it back

What I learned :slight_smile:

Feature works on a point system you have 3 points. like Australian Driving licence

you get your point back after 30 days.

like if you lost your first point on 1st of sep and second on 10th and third on 20th

you will get you point back after 30 days which is 2 oct and some thing will happen with your second and thir point.

as soon as you get past the date of second and third you will get those point back and all your 3 points will be filled.

try using it wisely and effectively. it is really nice feature for those without any sales as it make you gig on top.

worked for me though.

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thanks priya I understood