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Available Now, I got a survey about it asking why I don't use it

I just had a pop up as I was looking at my messages asking me to take a survey.
It said Please tell us why you haven’t tried Available Now and that I am eligible for it.

I am not seeing the little symbol for it. I have more than 5 old orders that never started.
It seems odd to be asked why I’m not using it and telling me I can use it when I can’t.
Thanks for rubbing it in fiverr.


Hi Miss Crystal,

It’s still in BETA and most Sellers do not have it available to them. It’s FIVERR’s way of sparking your interest so you Google it and get ready for it.

Here’s the video explainer:

And here’s one of the FAQ discussions: Fiverr new option AVAILABLE NOW

I hope that’s helpful! Happy Halloween!



I’m already aware of it and interested in it if only they would let me have it.

That was a cruel joke to ask why I’m not using it.


hi, same here. never saw that options to use & fiverr asking why u not using it :rofl::rofl::rofl::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


@misscrystal this will help you

@otriptosoul Can you tell me what that link goes to?

I was asked the same but I don’t find it active for me yet :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t believe that FIVERR meant the notification as a cruel joke! Sometimes the way the platform communicates a new feature may not be as finessed as it could be - but I believe they are trying really hard to make the entire experience better for everyone.

Hopefully you will get access soon and can try it out. BTW - Same thing happened to me. I don’t have it yet and received the same pop-up message asking me why I wasn’t using it…

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it is fivers video for available now feature @misscrystal

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I am eligible for this too. Is available now going to boost my sells ??

It came across that way.

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I use it. When it lets me. Unfortunately it’s much too temperamental. It’s still in Beta, so that’s why it has its glitches. Hopefully they’ll sort it out. However, when I have used it I haven’t really noticed any difference in sales or gig views.

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@faruk_ahmmed It should do. But you have to be on the toes. Don’t be late for 5 minutes 3 times. You will be penalized and banned from the feature for next 30 days. And you shouldn’t forget to turn off when you are signing off from work. :slight_smile:

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just received the Survey popup :frowning: but there is no Available now option.

Please tell us why you haven’t tried the new Available Now feature? You’re eligible and we’d love to have you onboard - what can we do better?

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I can totally see how it would make you feel that way. I look at it as “Really? You have almighty access to all the information and you’re asking me why I’m not using it when you know I don’t have access to it …?”

:thinking: Someone may have accidentally turned the questionnaire on before turning the feature on – likely a simple mistake. Sounds like many people are experiencing the same thing. :nerd_face:


Yup it seem like survey manager just launched the campaign accidentally :slight_smile:

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Remember “There is nothing called accident” :stuck_out_tongue:
Really, it will obviously come live to whom it has been asked, I think :slight_smile:

I got the same thing today. Never heard about it til that message. I’m always available but always have at least 25-30 in my queue constantly that I’m working on between all of my gigs. The 5 max in the queue is a bit unfair as many of my gigs and orders are multiple days and while I’m not working on those, I could be working on AVAILABLE NOW orders. Eliminate the max in queue, the parameters if you don’t deliver is enough to vet those who say they can handle it but cannot. Let us determine how many in queue is too many. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, wonderful feature. My only concern for buyers is that they will get all new or level one sellers as most level 2 and top rated carry many more in their queue than just 5 or even 10. I have 35 in my queue right now and am steady but not overwhelmingly busy. Buyers, make sure you filter accordingly or you’ll get stuck with low quality work just to have it fast. :slight_smile: The RUSH extra may also suffer for sellers who may be available now but could get more for hurrying up. ??

Just some feedback as it moves forward to keep an eye on…


Yeah i left Feedback :blush: Rush the feedback Field.

So you got a Trick for Halloween instead of a Treat! :jack_o_lantern: