Available Now icon's color does not change


Hi all,
I have two issues with the Available Now feature and I already contacted the CS but till now they couldn’t solve it. I just want to check if I am the only one has these issues:
1- When I turn the Avaiable Now feature on, the icon’s color does not change. Previously, it used to change to green color but now no color effect. Can you try it and let me know please?
2- Yesterday I turned it off at night and today I got a notification that someone messaged me on Avaialble now and I need to reply within 2 mins. Well, I turned it off! I found this thread similar wo what happend to me:

Please if you faced similar issues let me know :slight_smile:


It doesn’t appear to change to green on the new white interface.


Thanks mate, will wait for others to confirm.
I will send this post to the CS to follow up as well.


i flagged that already and CS said i should clear cache. but that didn’t work


Yes they told me the same and to change the browser ans stuff, but it did not work either!

  • Same here. Available now icon color does not change like previously. ( I think in last few days Fiverr updated navigation bar. Don’t worry it is not a issue.

  • But the second issue is really strange and I never faced such type of problem that you receive a available now message even your available now is off. Hope the CS will help.


Well, it is for them as they want the color to change and I prefer that as well.


Yes, I will prefer the changing of color to green. In this way we can easily figured out that either we forget to turn it on or off


I have the same issue.

Last night, I turned off the “Available now” option but at the morning a notification about an available message was displayed.

I should also report to CS.


You should must report this issue to CS. So they solve it and no other got that.


I’ve also experienced both of these issues.


When did the second issue happen to you?


I don’t have available now.

Do you guys think it helps your sales?


I’m facing same problem and also I have contacted to CS about this issue.


With all of these CS contacts I am sure Fiverr will soon fix the problem.


Nope - not mine! :wink:


I had a few sales when I was on it.

I think customers liked the fact I was there to answer some quick questions before they ordered


Some time cache problem with old cache that’s why we not see updates


You will get more messages and then it is up to how to get the deal out of these questions :slight_smile:


I have reported to CS and will update it here accordingly.