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Available Now is bit crazy

Available now is nice feature but at the same time is a bit crazy and expects you to spam people with reply.

What I just experienced:

I logged in to Fiverr.
Replied to one seller who was contacting me to advertise his service of voice over for my whiteboard videos.
I replied him thanks for contacting me, I will contact you when I need voice over services.

After that I browsed a bit and turned on Available Now.

Now the seller whom I talked few minutes ago, replied me a thank you message.

I didn’t replied to it as it’s not actually required.
And I got a notification you didn’t replied to potential buyer.

It will become a loop, I reply to thank you, then will again will have to reply something if he has available now enabled.

How you guys are handling this situation?


Well, it’s still in beta testing, so I guess they will figure a way to fix this issue. :slight_smile:

Switched it off for precisely the reasons you mentioned. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you, no thank you, thank you, no thank you etc.


Lol… I literally got “:+1:” reply from the above person I mentioned. And I think I know the reason.

May be Available Now time limit should only apply to “New” contacts messaging you for the first time + messages that contain an offer.


That would be one solution yes. :wink: Like response time, which is set to count only first response of conversation. :wink:

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Yes, turned it on and lost it by 2 days :grinning::grinning:

Just grit your teeth and keep responding to the spammers, the ones who just want to chat endlessly, etc. Just brace yourself and keep on responding no matter what.

You can have a pre-made response you use:

Thank you for your message but I am too busy to respond. Have a nice day.

Use the same message every time they message you, over and over, even if it’s 100 times, until they give up. See it as a game you must win at all costs.