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Available Now is finally Now Available to me


Okay, 5r has finally decided to let me have the “Available Now” option. Now that I can see it, I find it to be quite addictive. It’s enticing to know that someone is actually available to communicate and work on my project right away or soon.

I have it turned on and at least half of the sellers/gigs are pretty well done. I was afraid it would be full of really bad gigs, but happy to report that is not true.

There are many great gigs and leveled, successful sellers using this option. From buyers perspective, this is really great feature. I’m looking forward to trying it out in the next few days.

Those of you using it, has it helped with sales from USA? I’m typically the last one to see a new feature which is not new by the time I get it. so I’m figuring everyone in the states can see it.


You are lucky you have it available. I wish I did.


And I have it just as a decorative element - can’t use it because of all the constantly delivered orders that are taken into account along with the incomplete ones :smirk:

I don’t see it as luck - I see it as a means to irritate me for not being able to use it :smiley: :eyes:


It is terribly unfair to give this to a select few while denying it to others for no good reason.


I turned it on a few times for an hour each but didn´t get any messages apart from ‘old’ customers during those times.

I can´t really leave it on for long, I can´t just sit around and stare at the page and it keeps me from being able to really focus on my work when I know I might have to “jump” to reply within 5 minutes or less when the sound goes off.

I rather work in peace, with focus, without the ‘fear’ of or actually being interrupted mid-sentence, which ultimately benefits my customers too, obviously,
but I can see how buyers would love the feature and some sellers too, probably.

Once it´s available to everyone and if it´s being used by many and mostly/only sellers showing “available within 5 minutes” will get views and orders, I might have to adapt, we´ll see.


I am here on my computer all night long. I know I am online probably the most of anyone in my category and still can’t use it.


In all the time I’ve tested this feature, I couldn’t see any benefits whatsoever :grimacing: Heck, sometimes it felt like having the opposite effect of turning people away from me.



Oh really,.although it does not good for me


I was looking in your category. Four of your gigs popped up on page 1. Because I had A.N. turned on, 3 of your gigs appeared right after the last available now. The last one appeared few rows down.

There is only 1 AN turned on now verses earlier when there was about 5 rows.


Oh I see! So that may be the reason for why my sales slow down if people see five rows of “available now” before they see my gigs.

I appreciate this info so much! Thank you :heart:


I’m planning on being a :female_detective: and snooping around. If one of my sellers have it on and I need a gig, I’m gonna quickly place order before they get busy again. :grin:

It’ll save me time from having to message them and ask how busy they are or if they are available.

Sorry it’s a hassle for y’all but I have a feeling I’ll just permanently have it turned on. Matter of fact, I will no longer need that gawd awful Buyers Request. I can quickly check out a seller that is available, if good gig page, then inbox, if that’s good order right away.

I’m kinda excited. :slight_smile:


I hope to hear from any sellers who asks customer support to delete all their old unstarted orders to see if they could do it without having it affect their cancellation rate.


Recently I had a buyer place an order and left it incomplete to see it cancelled by CS a week later. I asked CS about it, apparently the buyer ordered by mistake and he asked them to cancel it, and then I asked CS if that “cancellation by Fiverr admin” will have any impact in my evaluation or towards demotion - they said it won’t have any effect, and then they reiterated that the order completion % is an internal metric that only I can see, letting me understand (indirectly) that some cancellations are not taken into account.


Yes but we can see our cancellation rate go down on our analytics page, right? Did you see that happen?


Yes, that’s exactly what happened within 5 minutes, a 1% drop. Still, CS claimed it won’t put me at risk for demotion, and it won’t affect my evaluation.

I still have mixed feelings, though :grimacing:


hmm, seems to me that anyone would just look at that rate and make a decision to demote you… Color me skeptical.


If on Jan. 15th they will boot up an evil :robot: that automatically looks at the numbers, then yes, it’s bad. But what if Fiverr is already working on addressing the cancellation related problems? :eye:



of course it will be a bot making these decisions on millions of sellers.

I wish for official announcments to us from fiverr regarding being able to cancel old unstarted orders… That is my wish.

Fiverr needs to do what it needs to as far as internal accounting proceedures to take these off of our “active” orders list.


I think there is something wrong with the Available Now button for the last 2 days or so… I have it on but I´m not showing on results when typing “spanish translator” or “spanish translation”… not even as "online now"
Does someone have the same problem?


I was going to check for you, but unfortunately, the Available Now function is no longer available to me.

Sorry, :frowning:

Perhaps someone else that has it can. This is so silly, why would 5r give me something then take it away?