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Available now is not available need desperately


Hello friends,

After waiting more then 30 days :disappointed_relieved:
for available now option, i contact to customer support and they tell me "This feature is currently in the Beta stage of development and is temporarily unavailable"

now i realize how i important available now option is for me, that time i get lot of impression like 5000+ and some time 8000+ but now a days i get only 2000 no project, I really need available now option desperately :weary:.

may be someone know when we get this back, and i am also confuse about how big origination like fiverr take more then 40 day to work on one features (available now)
i also request fiverr team to complete Beta stage of development soon :pray:.

Have a great day :slight_smile:
Thank you


I would definitely not count on this at all. If it’s desperate, you’ve got to do something else. There is no guarantee that Fiverr will ever choose to make Available Now a long term feature.


This is why I wrote this post right here:


yes you are right, i am desperate and i am a full time fiverr freelancer and i need to do something…


really i love your post, specially “ALWAYS, ALWAYS, have a backup fund” some how i have some that why i survive this month,
Finding a way to sell your services on many platforms helps too, instead of just one.
even i am full time fiverr freelancer from past 6 month, i left my job and thinking for the best but this downfall make me think again. but i also hope for the best from fiverr team because according to me fiverr is the best freelancer site.


Yes, it has been a lot of time now since “AVAILABLE NOW” feature is in beta testing. It surely was a benifit for a person who spends maxmimum time on Fiverr.


yes without discrepancy, hope soon we have this.


It might have been, I don’t know, but there could be many reasons Fiverr could keep it or choose to discontinue it. The code alone might not be worth it to them. When something is in Beta and doesn’t go to full production after a long period of time, it reduces the chances that it ever will.

Lucy’s recommendations on diversification are good. There are many other cool features on Fiverr that have been placed in production and are worth looking at. There are neat things to do with Fiverr Anywhere if you are motivated, for example. If Available Now comes back, great, and if not, we’ll have move forward without it.