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Available now on phone


what about available now on my phone? can we turn on from my app?


Why not try it and find out?


As far as I can tell, it’s not available on the mobile app.


Yes, this feature should be on Mobile App.


Once it’s out of Beta and here to stay, I’m guessing it will be included in the app.


Not yet I guess
Just wait few days


it will be nice if we can use it on our phone! I like this option


Use the mobile site. It’s in the menu


It is not added yet. I tried in my app


Please Add it with mobile apps


I really like this idea! :+1:


Me too :black_joker:


thank you for replying on my first post!!


Most Welcome… :black_joker:


Simple. Because there is no service which you can offer from your mobile device. If you’re “Available Now”, it means you’re sitting right in front of your computer ready to accept an order. :slight_smile: