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Available now option doesn't show [Posts Discussing this May be Moved Here]


available now option doesn’t show what is the problem?


What is wrong with Available Now?
:question: Available NOW (Beta) GONE?
Available Now Removed?
#AVAILABLENOW Beta over - feature removed
:question: Available NOW (Beta) GONE?
Available Now Removed?
:question: Available NOW (Beta) GONE?
Fiverr is off the Available Now button ? Why?
Is Available Now (Beta) option removed from the fiverr?
#AVAILABLENOW Beta over - feature removed
AVAILABLE NOW” is not showing on my profile

I think (this is not official) that the Available Now feature was in Beta and Fiverr decided not to take it further into full production. As far as I know it has been removed from the site.

Available Now Removed

It has been shut down completely.

It was in a beta stage. mine is gone as well.


Hello everyone!

I hope you all are good

My fiverr account dose not shows available now option from yesterday.

what is the problem



I think, It’s failure of implementation :sunny:


Mine too my available now is not showing


i guess the may come up with something new. i just hope it doesnt affect our rankings and gig placements


Can’t see why it should? It was a separate add-on, and had nothing to do with gig placement?


Ok. thats conforting


It is also my question


The bigger question is if it was useful at all, what did it do for the algo?


Yes, It has been removed completely I guess.


Yep, I guess Fiverr shut down the Available Now or they fix it from bugs.


Available Now (Beta) option was showing into my profile till last week.
But from last 1-2 day’s it’s not showing.

Is Fiverr discontinued this facility?


Yes, they’ve removed it. At least for now.


Oh I see. Hope they add it again.
It was helpful to get new orders and get started on them quickly.


Press F to pay respects.

RIP Available Now. 2017-2018.


Fiverr discontinued this facility. So don’t worry about it