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AVAILABLE NOW Option not working properly




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This isn’t a bug dear. if you leave your fiverr account unattended for a while (mean perform no activity) then the symbol turns to gray from green meaning thereby your account is on sleep mode. Once you start performing some activity on your account it will be active back.

If you’re talking about “I’m available” badge then the attached image is self explanatory. You have to 1) less than 5 Active Orders 2) More than 5 Orders completed and 3rdly High completion and satisfaction scores.

Hope it may help.

check your statics. If any one less than 97%. You’ll not get available now function.

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everything is 100% :frowning: :frowning:

Did you get any negative or Less star within last 60 days?

how unttended?

i just activated the availble option and after while the option ( HIGH COMPLETION AND SATISFACTION SCORES) GONE RED.

i was using the available option and suddenly after a while it turns red :frowning:

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you can see in the screenshot that my available is turn on :frowning_face: with that it turns red :frowning:

I just got found - Available now can be activate once only in a day. If you have turn/off several times, that Red bug is coming.

i turn on it once in a day…

Few people are getting Available now option Even My available now was working yesterday :smile: If that’s temporarily unavailable. No one should get that?

They can test it on specific groups.

But Yesterday, That was working for me…Today not… Don’t know, how they are testing :smile: Maybe they are changing users availability day by day.

Available option is Beta Testing version. If you get this option working. Wow.!! you are lucky. If you find It’s not working, don’t worry about it. All user will no longer to use this test version. :slight_smile:

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A Hour ago, My available Now was working and Active, even i got 2 order through Available now feature But After the time end, I gone for re-activate that option And It’s same “X High completion and satisfaction scores” message is coming. What is this - Anyone knows?

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I’m wondering. If It was working 1 hour ago but not working now. I got this “X High completion and satisfaction scores” few days ago but It’s working now. I think Fiverr developer team working and doing this. :slight_smile:

Is still in beta… I guess there are many others problems, blockers ones, that should be more important to solve then adding new features. In a development process we NEVER add new features still we get a stable product, why? Because in the future we will not be able to untangled all the mess. Thats what is happening right now at fiverr :’(

I just hope they can find a solution sooner then expected.

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hahaha yeah sometime it works :smiley: COOL

YEAH sometimes it works :smiley:

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