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Hi, Greetings Fiverr community,

I am a new seller on Fiverr with 8 order completed. I just want to know that how Available now works as I completed my 8 order with 5 stars and good feedback but my Available now option is not yet started…according to the Fiverr policy it should work when

Less than 5 active orders
More than 5 orders completed
High completion and satisfaction scores

Anyone knows when it will start?? Thanks for consideration


this is a beta feature. everyone does not have this. it’s just a gift if it works for you, if not, don’t count on it.


thanks for your quick response…but two of the requirements are fulfilled

Less than 5 active orders
More than 5 orders completed

but one requirement is still not completed that is

High completion and satisfaction scores

how it is possible to fulfill the last requirements as i dont have any cancellation rate yet …all of the orders are completed with 5 stars review


did you deliver everything on time? How fast is your response time?

maybe there are measurements we don’t even know about.

The whole point is that “available now” is NOT available for everyone, and even for people it shows on the screen and they think their stats are fine it doesn’t work for.


yeah of course i delivered all of the orders on time and my response rate is also 1 hour…

Awww i am also a dedicated seller. this is sad to hear not for everyone…at least fiverr should facilitate every good seller with equal rights to promote their work…


beta features are only in use by some sellers. not the best ones, just some. this is for fiverr to test the feature and see how it works for customers. they may give it to everyone eventually, they may take it away from everyone eventually.

like I said, if you have it it’s a gift. it’s not a right for the deserving


okh thank you very much for your response:heart_eyes: