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Available Now Update

Hello fiverr members,

Have you seen the new update of Available Now?There is a timing for one hour,i.e.after one hour,it’ll automatically gets off and we need to switch it on.I think it is good idea.What do you all think?


I forgot to turn it off on my pc. When I remembered, I was only at the mercy of my smartphone and as you can tell, I got kicked out until November.

This update is indeed very good. I guess the survey they did and the data they realized was really helpful in getting them to make this decision of increasing the time limit.

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I just used this feature now and I think yes it helps so clients will know that we can start to work on their orders as soon as they accept our offers. Does it make a difference in your sales?

Yes,some how it is working.Hope it works for you!!

Yes,this is a good change and they should introduce this on fiverr mobile app as well

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Yes,agree with you…

Yes, we did:


Ohh!!Ok…didn’t see that but thank you!!!