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Available Now: What a blunder fiverr have added

Hello My Fiverr Friends, Today i am writing on this topic for just to know what do you think about this “Available Now” feature which fiverr have added a few days before.

My view on this,
I really don’t like this feature, because fiverr is freelancing site and this option is changing the meaning of “Freelancing”, you can’t work as you want, fiverr is snatching the comfort. When the option is ON, you can’t do any of your work or can’t go to even any other part of your hourse and if this option is OFF then you will not get new order from a new buyer. How a person can reply in just within 5 min for all of his queries if the person is not with his laptop or smartphone, also there is not option to turn ON or OFF the Available Now option from your fiverr app. Responding all the times within 5 min is very difficult.
The minimum time much be atleast 15 minutes.
I think that there is no democracy, fiverr is doing whatever he wants without ever caring that if it is possible for the seller to respond within 5 minutes or not.

Your view,