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Available Since Octomber - 2014 | Seller still need suggestion on running gigs

Hi Everyone

Since i joined fiverr in 2014 i sell my services but i did’t see those sell strike. My service are fully based on how fiverr need to work so i need still some more suggestion from experiance seller that how they treat his customer to make more sales in fiverr gigs.

If you check my fiverr profile you can see i maintain all gigs basic stuffs :slight_smile: such as following :slight_smile:

  • My service are same as i described
  • I completed 279 projects.
  • I am getting impression around 2.1k in whole month. Clicks too!
  • But i did’t make that money from my service that my competitors are making.

Can anyone help me to grow my fiverr gig and can you share some of your experience ? I do have various experiences but i not sure that something i’m missing ?

My profile :

Thank you in advance…

M D Chavda

No reply ? Can anyone help me ?