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Average income of level one

I want to know that what is the average income per month of level one seller.i know it depends on no of orders but i want to know approx.Or Minimum income of level one.
Thanks in advance!


Impossible to say. each category is different. Maybe Fiverr staff can calculate the average.


If you are level one then what is your average income and in which categories you are selling.

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That’s not possible for me to say, because i’m not a level one seller. but, i’m trying

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Thanks you so much!

This information will not make YOU a better seller. Therefore, it is not something you need to know. In addition, it is not something anyone on this forum can tell you – because none of us have insight into what any other sellers earn here on Fiverr.


Its impossible to say, What category sale you?

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i sell in video editing category

Thank you so much for you reply!

Absolutely not fully depends on number of orders. It also depends on work value.
Suppose many sellers works for $5 $10 and their maximum gig value under $100 depends on their work category.
If they complete number of 10 orders, they will earn average 10X $20=$200
In this case, when their earning once reach $2000 within time binding(120 days) , they will reach level 2 (no longer stay level 1)

Other hand many sellers may have their each order value suppose $500
If they complete number of 10 orders, they will earn average 10X $500=$5000
But they will remain level1 seller till they complete 50 orders in milestone within 120 days

So the income of a seller within a level is dependable ( not constant)
In this case you may calculate your self depending on your gig value. ( Though it is not granted to anybody that they will get a fix number of order. )
You may get many orders within a month. Similarly you may not get any order within one month.
It depends on service category, work quality, work value, customer satisfaction, Gig rank and may other factors).
I hope you understand.


You are focussing on something that will make no difference to your business - apart from possibly destroy it.

Apart from recognising the market rate for your skillset, what another person earns should have no bearing on what you charge your clients. You have to price your time, experience and skills appropriately for your specialist area.

A level 1 architect might charge $75 per gig. A level 1 data entry worker might charge $5 per gig. You can’t compare the two skillsets - or indeed the time each person might invest in delivering their gig.

If you do persist with trying to work out an average, you might for example end up charging $35 for a gig when its market value is only $10. The result will be that no one will order from you and your business won’t exist.


Though things like that could help determine if that subcategory is one of the best to continue in, or whether another category/subcategory might be better if the seller has or can get the required skills for it. Which could make a big difference to earnings if they create a gig for the optimum service.

Though you could get a rough idea by the number of reviews they have for that gig, what month & year they started etc. As well as taking into account the gig/package prices (it wouldn’t be that accurate since the actual order prices aren’t shown, neither is the package the buyer selected). Or have a look at a few gigs take the average.

Maybe the OP could add an anonymous poll/polls to their first post. That might give the best answer to their question (if people fill in the poll correctly). Maybe 2 poll questions - one for how much they earn for the average month or specific month if they’re a level 1 seller with a gig in that subcategory and another for how much just from that subcategory (video editing).


Minimum income of seller level 1 is $0.
Average income of seller level 1 is >=$0.


Minimum income is easy: $0.

As for the average, you’d need to know the exact income per specific month of each and every level one seller in order to calculate it (and, of course, nobody here has that data), and even then, it would change from month to month.