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"Average Price" 🧐 Let's think for a minute


Another surprise update with no real purpose :roll_eyes:

When I view my profile as me, my gigs say “starting at” $26 and $19 although they actually start at $5. When viewing as a buyer, it says “average price” instead.

Either way, I don’t see how displaying a higher price is going to increase my sales.

  • I don’t like this feature.
  • I don’t care either way.
  • I love this feature!

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Isn’t marketing strategy all about pricing? Do stores advertise their highest price or their lowest price when they want to make sales? Maybe the dev team could instead focus on fixing all the “page not found” bugs I keep running into (anyone else?).

I quite like the "most successful at" but can't help feeling there's a... "glitch"

I’m still seeing ‘starting at’ on your gigs! :slight_smile:


I saw my gig in search and it says “average price” but on my profile it definitely says “starting at” when I view it.

I guess we have no say anyway… :zipper_mouth_face:


I see starting at $5 and $125 on your gigs.

I wish they would stop messing around with this bad idea.


I still see the starting at price. How long does it take to realize something is not working. The more complaints I see the more I get scared I start seeing that. I wonder, do buyers see that way too?



I have to say that when I see your average price of $141 I am somewhat intrigued.

It’s impressive. Maybe we are all wrong about this. But I think I analyze things and think about them more than the average person who is simply scanning the thumbnails.

Maybe this is not as bad as we all think? It may cause people to look at higher priced gigs out of curiosity.


They are split testing this - showing average prices to some people and starting from prices to others. They are experimenting to see what display results in more sales and revenue for the greatest number of people. That’s so they can make a data-driven decision.


That’s an assumption that I’m not willing to make based on what I know of how fiverr has introduced new things in the past. I’m more inclined to think that this is a rollout, or checking to get the coding right.

We have had a massive change called “packages” without testing.
We have had a disasterous change to the algorithm without testing.

But hopefully you are correct.


I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


I really hope that’s wrong! My starting price is $5, I don’t want Fiverr telling people otherwise.

That would be completely misleading to buyers. Not to mention, I price using word count so every order is different. Some orders might be hundreds of dollars, but many others are just $5. I don’t see this going anywhere good.

Showing the “average price” somewhere on the gig page (not as the display price) would be fine in my opinion, but using it for search results isn’t a good idea to me as a buyer or seller.


I think they are testing it. If they were 100% behind this then it wouldn’t take this long to implement it. It’s probably just an idea and they need data to back it up.

Regarding the feature itself, as a buyer I don’t like it. As Sydney said it, it’s misleading. I click on the gig thinking it’s $30 and when I open it up I see that it’s actually $50. I would probably hit the back button.

Come to think of it, I don’t like it as a seller either :slight_smile:

  • I want to decide what my service costs today not what it was few weeks, months or a year ago.
  • Quite often I give discounts to my returning customers so I don’t want show to others how much is the average price. If a buyer sees that the average is $350 instead of $400 then a buyer wouldn’t really see it as a discount. Instead they might think that $350 is my regular price. It would be even worse if I offer a discounted price and the average is below that.
  • Plus, more buyers will start negotiating with you because they see that there is some wiggle room. I’m not 100% against it, but I don’t want to start with that.


Besides, there are plenty of sellers who will take advantage of this. When you’re making a custom offer then you can assign it to any gig you have.

Basically you can assign cheap custom offers to one gig and expensive offers to another gig. That way you can keep your average as low as possible for some gigs and very high for other gigs.


I could see it going both ways for sure. If a gig’s average price is really expensive, I’d totally click on it to see what they offer out of curiosity (but probably not with real buying interest).

I just can’t understand why they want gigs to look more expensive. What kind of selling strategy is that? Stores advertise their lowest prices, not their highest prices–that’s a tried and tested technique. People come in the door because they think they can get something for $5, $10, or $15, not because “most people spent $$$” :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

We’ll see what happens. After all, I’ve gotten a few extra orders today so maybe I’ve spoken too soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Next they will rename the site hundrederr expecting that to make people want to buy.

We have a few expensive gigs in my category that sit and sit and never get sales.
They look like a joke.

That is NOT to say that people don’t spend a lot on my gigs, they do.
But it’s on gigs that start at $5.

It’s the extras that they spend on.

And buyers only decide to spend more after they first come to look at the $5 gig.


If fiverr wants to increase the average price of gigs they need to give way more room and
attention to extras on gigs.

Now we don’t even show the description of extras! There is a question mark and a meaningless title on them and they have to hover over the question mark to see a one line description of the extra.

That cut down my income when that change was made.

I would like some space to have a proper, full length description of each extra,
like we used to have, so they would see that the extras are worth adding on to
the order!


There can be a number of reasons behind this.

  • Some sellers are selling their service too cheap. If sellers don’t raise their prices then Fiverr will do it for them without actually forcing it. They will raise buyers’ expectations and if it brings in more money then you as a seller will increase your prices. :slight_smile:
  • It could also be related to the new image. Fiverr wants to show that it’s not the $5 platform anymore. We have external talent and people are actually making more than $5 here.
  • It might even give better odds for newbies with very low average or completely screw them over :smiley: If your starting price is $5 and you make 1 bulk sale for $100 then your average is $100 yet you have 1 review. Try to explain that to your customer.

However, what they don’t understand is that you can’t force it. For most gigs price is the #1 deciding factor, so increasing it will instantly turn customers away. It will probably hurt more experienced sellers who are able to sell above their starting price.


This is exactly why they are testing it, because they want to see the actual impact of the change on revenue. Fiverr aren’t going to deliberately do something to reduce their (and by extension our) revenue. Remember, they are trying to grow revenue for the site as a whole. Will that mean a different pricing strategy for some sellers? Of course. Will it mean more revenue for those that adapt? You bet.

Of course, that’s all assuming this goes into effect, which is not currently certain.


Why keep making these assumptions? I know they sound logical, but they are not really based on anything.

In the past two months they have done something that cut my revenue down by less than half what it has been, and many other sellers too. Without any testing.


Because Fiverr isn’t run at random by ne’er do wells who want to shoot their own business in the foot. You assume the worst of them, I choose not to. We’ve had this conversation several times before, and it went nowhere - let’s agree to differ.


I didn’t say it was run by n’er do wells. I said you are making a lot of baseless assumptions.
You have no idea what fiverr is doing and neither do I.