Average Prices - But Why?


Not complaining but seriously what’s the point of Average Prices? For buyers that frequently use Fiverr this has literally no effect but for new buyers isn’t this kind of like a giant deal breaker? When I saw average prices my first thought was “damn, I ain’t outsourcing my work here”.

Naturally, that’s just my opinion. What’re your thoughts on this matter? Found a way to take advantage of the new “Average Prices” update? Share Below…please.


I can also not complain about it. It shows how far we have gone.


you are right . broo


I’m sorry, I’m not seeing this. Can you either post a screenshot or explain what you are seeing? I’m wondering if it’s not in all categories yet, or I’m simply missing something.


Me either, what is this “Average Price”?


Fiverr determines the average prices based on the quantity of order and prices.

The better is always good


My thoughts are it is the coup de gras for lots of sellers, the final blow after the algorithm change to end sales for good.

It will stop buyers from even looking at gigs. It will not mean anything to them but seeing how high prices are and driving them away. They will not understand “average price” as they scan over the gig thumbnails aside from thinking gigs are too high priced.

To confuse and alienate potential buyers this way as they scan through gigs is to kill sales.


Seriously, I honestly can’t think of one good reason for this. Why, just why?
Category is business copywriting.


Yeah, those are my thoughts exactly. Let’s see how it goes. I seem to be seeing every gig with Average Price in all categories :v:

Let’s see how this plays out.


this is so annoying… seriously why are they doing this even?


When most gigs show a “starting price” it is an even playing field for sellers. One gig is as likely to be noticed as the next.

When there is a range of high prices shown and there are one or two that are much lower, the low ones are the ones that will get all the views.

Fiverr, why are you doing this? We know you want buyers to spend more but this is not the way to do it!


Now, nothing stands out on a page of thumbnails but those high prices.

I don’t even see the graphics at all when I look at that, just a list of high prices. Naturally I will click the lowest one I see. It’s human nature.


When I look at the same page, it doesn’t show “Average” in shows “Starting at”.

This implies they are doing “Split Testing”. Rather than decide what works and what doesn’t by talking about it, they are showing “Average” to some buyers, and comparing the buying behavior to the “Starting At” pages. You are one of the lucky ones seeing the alternate version.

If they show both pages to 5,000 buyers each, they can compare and see what works better in the real world, beyond the theories about what is best. Testing is a win.

IF it drives more revenue/sales for sellers, it will be expanded and that’s where it will go. If the “Starting At” drives more sales/revenue, that will stay.

They are not stupid, and they have publicly stated they want higher quality, and higher per gig prices this year.

That is smart business for them, and will benefit the higher quality sellers over time. This “Average” concept may turn out to be a bad idea, OR may turn out to attract better quality buyers who understand quality isn’t always at the $5 price point.

I feel bad for the sellers who build a business based on just being cheap. The market will continue to change, and IF Fiverr does it right, it will attract new buyers based on the quality of existing sellers.

People pay 10x more for voice overs via other markets compared to what I charge on Fiverr, so it is a great direction for my category. Anything they can do to raise the per gig pricing is a win for me.

They are smart to figure out how to build a marketplace where more buyers look for quality, and aren’t dependent on just being cheap. Cheap if very difficult to defend over time, but quality repeat buyers are a huge win for the sellers who have that focus.


I think it’s a good idea. It shows the customer how much other customers on average purchase a gig with the seller. If I see a seller with a high average price, it shows his/her work should be of good quality.

Some buyers prices are $5 for the basic gig, $30 for standard and $200 for premium. Now you can look at their average price and see if people purchase the $200 premium often, or not. If they don’t, then you probably shouldn’t risk it either.

My gigs premium package costs $400 and most buyers choose to go for this offer. Now when buyers view my gig they can see that it’s a popular choice.


You guys are entitled to your opinions but this is a terrible idea.

It’s just too obvious that people are going to focus on those prices now and simply compare them all.

They will not bother to look at anything else.


I respectfully disagree. When studying marketing, it’s proven that the majority don’t purchase the cheapest if they have a set of choices. Most people understand that “you get what you pay for” and given 3 (or more) solid choices, most purchase something in the middle.

Do you buy the cheapest food at the market? The generic store brands each time? Some do, but not the majority. Most of us pick and choose. If you enjoy chocolate, coffee, or wine, do you always buy the cheapest when you go to the store?

Does it ruin your day and you don’t go back if they have a coffee choice that is $20 when the one you regularly buy is $5?

Given 3 choices, most consumers will purchase the middle tier, UNLESS they have solid info saying the cheap choice is just as good as the others.

If I always buy the most expensive, I’ll assume everybody else does that, but that’s not the way it works.


What you are talking about is if there are 3 prices for the same gig.

This is fiverr, not a supermarket. Our eyes as a buyer will scan all the various prices.
We won’t bother to click on any but the cheapest ones this way. It is not a level playing field now.

The exception that will stand out is if a seller has the little PRO icon. THOSE will be perceived as high value.


No, I’m talking about between gigs. Having higher priced options is a huge win in most markets, including between sellers.

But really what I think doesn’t matter. They are testing. The proof will be in what works over a set of real world users, not what I think.

I see it as a win over time for the quality sellers. That said, in some categories it may not work as well, and over time more and more sellers join Fiverr, so the market will continue to evolve.

Again: My gut says it’s a good thing for them to test, but just like “Packages” are no longer in the VO category (because in the real world it failed to raise average gig sales), this “Average” vs “Starting at” will either be expanded or thrown away based on how it does with buyers.

My feelings on it one way or another actually don’t matter too much. The testing will prove/disprove its worth. I love that they are testing, and I’m sure they will continue.


I don’t think they are testing. I think they are rolling it out.

They never tested packages.

They never tested any algorithms, just destroyed the old one.

As far as I can tell, I’ve never seen fiverr do any preliminary testing of anything.


OK, no idea, you are probably right. I still think it’s a great thing.

I want a way to have the social proof that buyers ARE paying far more for my services. I provide more value, and competing only on the starting price is just OK for me. I’ll do it if that’s what is needed, but I love people will see my buyers are willing to invest more.

I also suspect if it tanks the market like you predict (and obviously you have some strong skills in that area), then they will go back to the “Starting at”.

I suspect they are testing… but I don’t have any insider info to back that up.

That said, I don’t see it when I look at the same category. See my screenshot above.