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Average Response Time as a Seller

Please my average Response Time suddenly dropped to 42%. That is 12 hours response time. Just yesterday I had to create a buyer’s request to do a job, and I got over 50 offers and a lot of messages.

Is that the reason I got my response down? I couldn’t have responded to all of them .

Please what did I do wrongly and kindly advice me on best practices in cases like this.

I look forward to your response.

Best regards.

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When the sellers send messages in response to buyer requests (as opposed to simply sending an offer through the request), that is technically spam. You can mark them as spam so they don’t affect your response rate. If you’re still facing issues, you can contact CS to fix it.

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Ooh. I wish I knew. They kept sending me messages. I really don’t know how they found me.

I do appreciate your response. Thank you

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No problem! If you’re selling along with buying, they can search for your profile, which is why they messaged you.

Well, first you have to send them a message, and then mark them as spam. I usually have a quick response that lets the seller know that they’re violating the TOS and spamming.

For your situation right now, I would contact CS and explain to them how a bunch of people are spamming you. They might be able to manually higher your response rate.

Are you a seller too? If so, that’s probably how they found your profile (as @eliiclaire said).

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Yes I’m a seller. Thank you for your recommendations