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Average Response Time: Does it really reset after 30 days?


Hi Guys,
I wanted to get your advice regarding average response time (not response rate). Based on the below article, It is based on the last 30 days seller’s activity and tracks the amount of time it takes for a seller to respond when first contacted by a user.

Unfortunately, I missed to reply to some user messages dated June 6 - June 14 and I admit it is my fault. Moving forward, I have been prompt in responding to user messages however my Average Response Time still shows as 21 days. I was under the impression that missed messages that were more than 30 days will not be counted for average response time since it is based on the last 30 days as per their website. I tried opening a support ticket but we have been going in circles and I am not getting any adequate support. Thank you for your assistance.

JP de Villeres