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Average Response Time increase without any reason

The previous night my " Average Response time" was 1 hour. But from today morning it increase to 2 hours without any reason. And this period of time no one even message me and I didn’t reply. I am very surprised with this incident. Why does it happen? What should I do now?

Thanks in Advance.

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Please see:


Actually A buyer send me message on Aug 16. Then my response decrease to 1 hour. Before that my response rate was 2 hours. And the buyer did’t reply a word from his last message on Aug 16. And today is Aug 18. Our conversation doesn’t reach into a conclusion. Is it the main problem? Is that why my avg. response time return to it’s previous time?

It’s a moving average.

The Response Rate Indicator factors only the last 60 days of seller activity, so sellers always have the option of improving their performance over time and will not experience long-term consequences for poor Responsiveness.

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OK I understand. Thanks.