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Average Response time is completely wrong under my Gig

In my dashboard, it says my average response rate is 100% and the average response time is 1 hour. But since the last few days only under my gig, it displays my average response time as 2 hours for the buyers. I reported this issue to the Fiverr and they told me they will check and let me know. But today my gig displays my average response time as 6 hours. I don’t know what’s happening to Fiverr system. I noted lots of issues since the last few days. Can you guys please tell me what you see under my gig.

1 hour, 2 hours, 6 hours or anything else???

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I have also faced that issue and when I have checked my profile from incognito mode my average response time was showing 10 hours .When My average response time is one hour .And I have contacted CS.Fiverr is updating their website .For that we are facing some issue .They are fixing it… So we can just wait for the update.



But the thing is this rates cause to our gig ranking right?


No…Because it is a bug …And your real response time is one hour .


Don’t you think that will affect for new orders because if I am a buyer I would like to offer my task to a great Seller who always communicate everything with me.

Am I wrong?

Yes…In this case it can affect on your sale…I will recommend you to contact fiverr CS …

same thing is happening here , mine has dropped to 4days :)) even though It usually takes around 5 minutes to respond … it’s a bug it will probably be fixed , it doesn’t affect you in any way

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I already contact them. but I’m afraid. Lets see. anyway thank you so much for the details you shared. Fiverr support didn’t told me about this maintenance .

Wait for their update because there are many bugs I can see in fiverr and also asked about those to the CS .

You are welcome …

On your gig it says average response time 6 hours. But clicking on the “contact me” button says avg response time 1 hours.

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Thanks for letting me know.

I’m facing the same issue. Since I’ve joined Fiverr my average response time in the dashboard has been 1 hour and it still is because I respond to every message in less than one hour.
But 2 days ago I noticed that the average response time inside my one and only gig is 11 hours!!!

I contacted Fiverr’s CS and they replied with a link to an article about the average response time and advised me to reply to the future messages faster!! :joy:

I then replied to them to further explain the issue to let them know there is a bug in the system. And I’m still waiting for them to reply.

Is there any updates?


Still, they are working on the bug. I asked yesterday.

I noticed mine is showing 3 days on the gig page. It seriously worrying me. I just contacted CS, didn’t know it’s an ongoing problem. Hopefully, they will solve it soon.

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