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Average Response Time Issue

Hello everyone,
I’m Nasir & I’m a Social Media Marketer. Some few days I’m facing some problem, My *Average Response Time" not decrease. When Buyer was knocked me, within 10-15min I was replied but constantly its showing 2hr. Please help me, What can I do now?

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It updates after 60 days- respond new coming messages quicker and it will comeback to 1 hour…

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Thanks. :heartpulse:

It will be ok very soon. And try to response under 1 hour. Good luck

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Hello, i’m facing the same issue, even worst…
My average response time is continuously changing to slower day by day without me even knowing why, start from 2 hours, then 48 hours, then 158 hours ( 3 days ago status), and today it suddenly become 476 hours…i have checked my activities, and as far as i know, i have no unresponded chat or unfinished work…it really doesn’t make any sense at all to me…
And i was never responded to my clients longer than 12 hours, usually it because time zone issue only.

The impression is decreasing rapidly, suddenly no orders too … (of course it happen, how will i get good impression/orders if my response time avr is that bad?)

Anyone had this kind issue?
Thanks alk

Ouch, check your spam folder. You may find a message there with a little red clock next to it that you’ll need to reply to. Sometimes legitimate messages get flagged as spam in error.