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Average Response Time Query

My 1st question: Is fiverr Vacation good for using when i wasn’t at fiverr for long time such 2-3 days?
2nd Question: When I am in vacation mode,if any buyer knock me than if I am late to replay,Is it extend my Average Response Time?

Q1. Very Bad. I used this mode twice for 10-15 days vacations and both of the time I had to face serious loss in sales as my gigs vanished from search engine when I came back and turned off vacations mode. It took me months to get back on the track. This is what I experience. Some other sellers may have a different experience.
Q2. I think, the answer is YES but I am not 100% sure about it.

Thank you bro for sharing your experience.

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@sujon_shahporan muhammad said the right


You are welcome… :blush:

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I suggest to keep them on and if you dont have time to work just pass the order for other sellet :wink: