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Average response time turned into 4 hours! What Should I do?

Hellow lovely people , how are you?
I am newbie and got no order and my average response time turned into 4 hours.
last night at 3.27 am I got a message and reply it in the morning, this is why this happens.
What is your suggetion to me now?


Do not worry about it. It’s not a big issue. Just try and respond faster but don’t sweat it–i.e. don’t stay awake all night looking for messages!

Proactive things you can do:

During the day, when you are working, keep Fiverr open and (because you are shown ‘online’) new people may contact you to inquire about things… and each one you respond to right away will improve that response time, since it is an average. :slight_smile:

You can also make sure to check Fiverr messages as your first job of the day when you wake. Again, no need to rush, but just don’t forget to do it.

And try to respond from a computer as many times as you can. Yes, I know–this should have no effect! However, the occasional Fiverr messaging glitch means that messages sent from your phone may not get logged and therefore not count in the average timing. (Annoying and stupid!).

Something else to always check is that all messages sent from your phone do actually show in the message thread when seen on your laptop, since I and many others have had situations where we did respond to someone but the message never showed in the thread seen from the laptop–synchronising issue, I guess. Then, (rarely thankfully) you will get the message that you did not respond at all! (Doubly annoying!)

But overall, your response time is not much to worry about and a time of 4 hours won’t deter buyers. I am a Top Rated Seller and my time was also 4 hours last week.