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Average Response Time


Anybody know how to change the Average Response Time that appears on a profile? I have not done any gigs yet and I believe part of the reason people aren’t hiring me is because it says my response time is 5 DAYS!! Is there a way to change it?


Response time is automatically displayed by the system. They usually look at your response time to incoming messages. The quicker you reply to client messages the better/lower your displayed response time will be. I think you are talking about the delivery time for your gig in general. When you build your gig you can choose the delivery time there. Just go to “edit my gig” and change the 5 day delivery to 3 or maybe just 1 day :wink: …hope that helped.


can any body tell me how to change my location and response time that appears on a profile?


Your location is picked up automatically by Fiverr.

Your response time changes depending on how long it takes you to answer any messages - the first from any buyer who messages you.