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Average Selling Price, Does it Effect Rankings?

Hi Guys,

Today, I’ve something to share with you. Does Average Selling Price effects GIG Ranking?

My Average Selling Price is $37.14, Isn’t that a Great Price?

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Is this a backdoor brag kind of post? (patent pending)

There is no official word or any indication that avg selling price does anything to rankings.

Since I’ve got you here, may I please ask a question?

On your goanimate gig, you state in the description:

“Phase 3. Sketching the scenes by hands on board to make it according the situations described in script”

How do you create artwork by hand if you are using goanimate?

Well, you’re getting it wrong. We create the scenes on a Physical Whiteboard, just to get an Idea that how the scene should be. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh so you sketch things out on actual paper, to get an idea, but then you make the video in goanimate.

Ok got it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah, Thanks! :slight_smile:

Frank, I also had a question. As I can see on your profile, you’re a PRO and TRS. Well, That’s Great. I wanted to know that what is actually the VIP Support that TRS gets?

They respond to my tickets in less than an hour.

thank you for stopping by my profile. :slight_smile: