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Average Selling Price Impact


hello Good (morning afternoon Evening) Everyone!!
i just want to know Average selling price give how much impact for your TRS badge


You do realise that nobody in their right mind’s going to give you this information don’t you?

You might as well ask ‘how much money do you earn in a year?’ - equally nosey! :nose:


that’s why i put there options i am not asking about exactly what is your avrg selling price


I don’t know if I am more baffled by your question or by the fact that you decided against creating an anonymous poll and chose for people to respond by commenting with a number.


Ok it is you that baffles me the most.


no problem by the way thank you


There are just some things you don’t ask total strangers, like their age, how much they earn etc. Your question is right up there with them.


ok sir i changed my question hope now it will be fine


The average selling price is just what it is. The average selling price.
It’s math and has nothing to do with whatever level or badge.
There are people who are TRS with an average selling price of $5,- and there are TRS with an average selling price of $50,-
Total bogus question.


thank you for explanation


You changed it to something that makes 0 sense. I read it twice, still don’t get it.


You tell him that it makes 0 sense, I tell him that it is a bogus question and he likes it.
This is the sign were we better leave the conversation, lol.
I bet he likes this one as well, haaha.


hello guys can you please stop making my insult its my first one post post here so please stop it thank you


Unless you’re me, in which case you only open your mouth to change feet…


LOL! :slightly_smiling_face:

Volunteering information and being asked for it are different I suppose!

I’m only 25 don’t you know…:wink: