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Average Selling price is 2.1$

My fiverr average selling is 2.1$ after 15$ custom offer ? How is this possible. Is the term average selling price used properly in the sense that it used to be . What’s hidden inside average selling price … can anyone help me please ?

How much usually your price before this custom offer?
And how much you have done the job before?

It was calculating by all the job and all your price

But don’t take too concern with the average selling price, just concern to how give your best service to your customer.

It more important.

I’m new to fiverr and this is my first order and i’m working next 375$ order but i’m confused with average selling price and so many people said that fiverr ranks gigs based on avaerage selling price ??

First job next 375$ on queue

Hello, do complete this job first. then you will see the actual result.