Average Selling Price?


The key to fiverr is all about selling gig extras! My average selling price per gig is $29! Is anyone else in this range?

Im trying to get it as high as possible, but many times someone will order my gig, then I will tell them they paid an incorrect amount (not enough) and then they have to order a 2nd gig - therefore hurting my average. I wish there was a way to keep it all in one order when they don’t order the correct total.


Agreed! Those are some beautiful stats btw :wink: I’m not in that range yet, but I’m getting larger orders now so hopefully I’ll be getting up there.


As a writer, I can’t ever imagine having an average gig price of $29, but I can dream!

Those are some mighty fine stats you have there sir.


Thanks! I hope it doesn’t come of as “bragging” - hopefully it can motivate others to do the same. I am so blessed to be doing fiverr as a full time job! I don’t know how long this will last, if the market will get flooded and over-saturated - but I hope I can keep doing this for a long time to come! I have seen some great spokespeople joining fiverr and I already know of many who I consider great talents. (fayestap, silvervirtual, yourawesome, djyoung, websitevideo, sebski22, kymmypops, gregoryshepard, alliemadison,edume, and newcomer jaynesays and quite a few more!)

Since I first started, I’ve not only watched my earnings grow - but my skill level. I look back at videos I did a year or two years ago and I cringe at my acting! But I am basically forced to practice every day when I complete my gigs. Now, when I go to “real” commercial auditions through my Agent - I just dominate them - thanks to fiverr! Years ago I would get nervous in auditions, now its a breeze!


Mine is $18 right now :slight_smile:


mine is 19$ and always in range 16 to 19$… and can anybody tell that the gig placement in the search is always depened upon how much u give to the fiverr


I have it also on 19$.


You’ve got a really good average, well done! My average is $14, which is down from $18 since my proofreading gig got ‘featured’.


That is an ABSOLUTELY awesome average selling price. Well done :slight_smile: No wonder you were selected as TRS!


As far as your question goes, about the only option is often PRIOR to delivery, a buyer can still ADD gig extras to the same order.

What I don’t know is a) the exact algorithm Fiverr.com uses to calculate the averages. It certainly seems to be the “most obvious”. It seems to be “Total Earned / Total Orders”. So anyway you can add to a current order the better by that calculation method.

What might work, and you’d need to verify with Customer Service, is to have them REQUEST CANCELLATION on the first order. If a “canceled order” is not counted as an order for determining average ticket size (and I can see an argument both ways), then that would help your numbers.

At the end of the day though, outside of looking for upward trends…(relative strength) this number is mostly an ego-stroke, no? That is, as long as the “mistakes” happen at about the same rate over time, it should have little or no effect over time.

And remember, it will be a lot harder to raise this number after 1000 orders than after 10 or 100.

After all, to raise it by $1 NOW, you’d need a $1000 order in 1 order.


Reply to @bookreviewstew:

If I forgot to say so, NO it doesn’t sound like bragging. It’s encouraging! It answers the ‘frustration’ of many getting started…the “I wouldn’t do anything for $5” mindset.


Mines 8$