Average time for Gig- from the user point of view


I lost my express gig status because I didnt finsh a project in under a day. The customer was fine with it, in fact it was something I had brought up before the time had expired. My question is how many more gigs do I need to do to get my average back down? Is there a gig status for your overall performance per gig? And if not there should be, just so that we can know.

I understand that being late is bad. But 1 or 2 late gigs dont average out to being over 2days with over 130 gigs.


Reply to @arnevb: That may be the case, but I am not sure about that since she did not deliver on time, Fiverr could have put a lock on it. It may take more than one sale in 24 hours.

Just to let you know, I had a 24 hour gig fall out of Express Gig status and I delivered on time every time. Now sure why FIverr did that.