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Averages Maybe Surpressing Sales?


Hi Fiverr’ss
After closing out this month I’ve noticed for the third month in a row l have earnt about the same.
And noticed some pattern in these last three months. Is it possible the new algorithm may be using mean averages to decide how busy you will be?
Is it possible that not only your usual freeback, automatic completes and metric decide your placement. But now, also other unseen factors are dictating your sales? Sounds self defeating for Fiverr, but if they figure how many jobs you can handle to quickly complete, they could throttle your placement like your internet provider throttles data when you get to busy. Inpart to give other gigs more exposure when you get to close to being too busy? And making up for it when your sales start to drop.
Not a conspiracy just wondering if its possible. And I’m not complaining.
I would like to know if anyone else has seen this kind of pattern.


Orders seem a lot more likely to arrive when there are already orders in the queue.

They could also check the limits you have set up on gigs to see how many you could normally handle. Though those limits aren’t very good since they can’t take into account multiple different gigs.


I’m quite sure that’s true. I can’t help see a ramp up in sales and inquies, then a suddenly drop off as soon as I get sales of a certain value


It could just be the rotating of the gigs in the search and Fiverr trying to make sure multiple sellers are getting orders, as long as their stats are okay. Though they may also do what you suggest.