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🥑 Your success story in Virtual Assistence area! 🥑


Hello there! I am new on Fiverr and I would like to know how did you succeed in VA, what possibilities did you use to gain first or more clients and any other interesting facts! :relaxed::star_struck:


Avocado? I am not really aware of any resemblance to a body part. At least from how I see it on my screen. :smile:


Eh? - What on Earth on the human body looks like an avocado? Who do you go on dates with? Star Wars extras? :slight_smile:


I don’t have any experience in VA work. However, freelancing seems to go better across the board when sellers specialize in specific areas. In your case, I am guessing this could be something like setting up business meetings etc?

Go through the Fiverr search via categories (not by searching for keywords), find sellers who seem to be doing well in the VA area, then fine tune your own services in line with how they structure theirs.


Thank you! You have confirmed me that what I was planning to do is good step!