Avoid ******* At All Costs!


So to start off my horrible nightmare, I purchased from 3 different sellers “ebook covers” but none of them responded or got the gig done in the week I had to offer. On top of that I had a seller reach out, “**********” to finish the gig in one day. I thought it was awesome, but when I paid over $50 for her service “2 ebook covers in 24 hours” she only finished one of the two. At first, it was understandable thinking that it wasn’t finished and I had to wait for the second. Unfortunately that was not the case. She only did one book cover instead of two. The worst thing of all she did the cover for the ebook, not the book itself. So there is no spine, back or 3D image (all that was promised as well). When I asked for a refund she told me I should have “been more careful” and that “don’t worry for the miscommunication, just buy the gig again and I’ll do a cover for the second book”. It’s ridiculous. Even on top of that…I contacted the fiverr support team to ask for a refund, they said they can’t do anything and that it was my mistake. How is it my mistake to pay over $50 for “2 ebook covers in 24 hours” and only receive one. (Even tho the premium specifically stated I got a back, cover, spine and 3D image as well). Absolutely terrible, and the fact she was begging for 5 stars and threatning that my account would get suspended if I didnt… Honestly insane, I just want my $50 back and never live through this again!

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Adam, it’s not allowed per the community guidelines to name and shame (or fame) a seller


They stole my money and are harassing me…Do something to their account
or for god sakes just reimburse me and I won’t have to earn other people


Wow! If 5r were to suspend buyers for not giving five stars, that would basically defeat the purpose of the reviews.

Your seller is lying.

Here are a few of the ways you CAN get suspended:

  1. PayPal or Credit Card chargebacks
  2. Threatening a seller such as name calling or bribery
  3. Exchanging contact outside 5r.

Giving less than 5 stars does not get you suspended. You also are NOT required to do a review. It is optional.


You should politely ask them again ON THE SAME TICKET if someone else can take a look at it since you got only one instead of two.


Fiverr support does not take part in the forum, we are simply buyers and sellers sharing thoughts and discussions here.

So nobody here can assist you with your current requests, except CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Return to Customer Support with proof of all you just said - screenshots and the likes. Like @misscrystal has said, you can request the evaluation of your ticket by another agent. And as @djgodknows mentioned, we are just a community of sellers and buyers here, ALL we can offer is advice.


a tree sways in breeze
it is broken by a man
it lies on the ground


I will avoid him
I will avoid others like him
I’ll avoid the gym.


Money is me
Money is made from paper
Dive into lava


It is a nightmare
promised two covers, got one
I want my money


What exactly is
going on here
I don’t understand


We speak Haiku now,
Is calming for the buyers,
In light of bad buy.


I have a milkshake
Its flavor is pleasing me
Mind is wandering


“Haiku” is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Haiku poems consist of 3 lines. The first and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. The lines rarely rhyme.


Ah. I’m familiar with haiku, but as djgodknows had four syllables in the first line of his, I thought there might be something else going on here. :grin: