Avoid BAD GIGS as Sellers: A simple tip to increase your orders and sales


OK, although I am not very old here at Fiverr, just a year old as a seller and a year and a half old as a buyer, but I want to highlight a couple of things for sellers especially new sellers.

I have seen lots of sellers struggling for getting orders. This is just a part of game. Getting orders for new gigs is indeed very hard but things will become really hard if you have a bad gig.

Now what do I mean by a BAD GIG?

Bad Gigs are the ones that are not NEW.

Now if you are starting a new gig that is already being offered by hundreds of sellers, then of course you are making a really big mistake. It doesn’t matter how expert you are at that particular service, you’ll always have trouble getting orders because you have hundreds of competitors out there on Fiverr that are experienced, have satisfied customers and they are really strong.

Alternately, getting orders for a new gig that is sort of unique, not offered by too many sellers will be too easy. Of course there has to be demand for it too. But I believe if you have anything unique, original and exclusive, you will get orders like anything.

So when you start a new gig at Fiverr or you think of making a new Gig, just do a few things:

  • Look for the competition by searching for the relevant sellers.
  • Look for the number of orders these sellers are getting per week or per month. This will tell you the demand of the service.
  • Look for loopholes in already available gigs. Is there something that all those sellers in your niche are missing? If there is something that they are not offering with their gigs and gig extras, you have a great chance.

    Finally, you need to sell what is unique and has less competition on Fiverr rather than selling what you are expert at.

    If you are good at fixing wordpress sites and you see that there are well over 30 gigs already available, you don’t need to jump into it. You’ll have really hard time getting orders. Instead look for something that is not very commonly offered.

    I hope this simple tip will help you getting orders and increasing your sales at Fiverr.



    PS: I am not a marketing guru and therefore I expect suggestions and feedback.


Good point! I would have to point out that this wouldn’t include all niches here on Fiverr.

For fixing wordpress gigs, I could see where you’re coming from. It’s hard to see samples of those and buyers are more likely to go with someone who has a good amount of positive feedback.

However, there are many other areas in which you can compete just as well even if you’re new, have no feedback, etc. Unique-ness does not necessarily sell if people don’t need it.

For example, take video testimonials. There are HUNDREDS of sellers, myself included, who offer those, and more are joining the numbers every day. And many of the new sellers are making sales! Why? Because what they are selling is basically their face. Most of the time, a business can only use one testimonial/video per face and then they move on to the next.

So just because it’s been done before and listed on Fiverr, I say, DON’T GIVE UP. You get to list 20 gigs (30 if you’re TRS), which is plenty of space to experiment with. Eventually, you’ll see what sells and what doesn’t. =]


Good day all please what if someone have negative review what will happen,also if fiverr says your gigs is suspended or required modification what will one do please i need help.thanks


It’s pretty hard to be unique if your offering for example translation services and you don’t speak, read and write an obscure language.


what can one do to prepare good and sell-able gigs on fiverr without suspending or saying that your gigs require modifications.And what can one do to avoid suspending of your gigs or saying that your gig require modification.thanks once again


Reply to @smokey1871: hello are you still there


Reply to @getinformed:

Yes. I’m still here. Why?


Good advice msjaved and rinchan86 - I guess that it is not all that easy to come up with a unique and in demand service, but if you are really good at something and make extra efforts at the beginning and patiently build up a list of positive comments, even if your Gig is not really unique, your reputation will do the work for you. (*)


A gig doesn’t have to be “unique”, but it definitely has to be “uniquely yours”.


Reply to @getinformed: Sorry to hear that.

Well you of course need to modify your gig. If it has been suspended by Fiverr then it is obvious that you will need to make the necessary modifications.

For negative reviews, I can suggest two things:

  1. Do not invite negative reviews. Just do anything that you can do to make your buyers happy.

  2. Once you get a bad feedback from a buyer, contact him. Send him/her a message and offer assistance. Do Not Instantly Respond To a negative Feedback with a negative Feedback. Rather ask the buyer for further assistance and in 95% of the cases, you can resolve the issue. I mean buyers just love to see that you are really trying to help them.

    If you will not contact a buyer after a negative review - the impression goes is that “the seller doesnt care about the feedback”. Well if you really do care about the feedback, tell your buyer and resolve their issue.

    PS: Negative review can be converted to a positive review any time. And of course, vice versa.

    So it is never late to contact your buyers for the reason of negative feedback and offer them help.

    I hope that will help.


Reply to @smokey1871: Right. I agree but there is always something that you can add to the gig. You can always offer better than or more than all those translation gigs. If nothing you can make yourself different in the sense that you agree to offer them with the best translation services with say up to 3 modifications.

It is just about how you try to make your gig different from others to excel.


Reply to @magellon: Absolutely. But the issue with most of the new comers is that they just jump in the pool that is already full. In such a situation, what I have seen over at Fiverr, getting orders become hard.

A little twist in the gig can help you make a lot. Like

voiceoverwork said: A gig doesn't have to be "unique", but it definitely has to be "uniquely yours".

This is exactly what I am trying to say :-)


Reply to @msjaved: Yeah. But it’s hard to come up with something.

I don’t think a customer would appreciate me messing around with the text they want me to translate though. ^^