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Avoid Like this buyer from services (tips for new users)


I Love fiverr and get get many many good and gentle buyers, all good, but sometimes 2 kinds of bad buyer, Avoid them, :slight_smile:

some buyers want to place order so quickly, they do not sending instructions without 1 line. as example “I need to add this logo on this video”, he/she set you both. but they did not clear where position, color or size. , if you deliver anything wast your time, thy get deliver, using that and canceling order as “seller have not deliver as described”

Other hand, they sending istruction 2, 3, 4 or more times but not matching each other, see proof, I hide name and profile photo for privacy reason. onne of them, place order and then
1st he inbox As like this photo

when you start work and try to deliver order, he send again, “no no no , other modification” as like this pocture

then when deliver again, they said as
finally they will cancell order , get refund, and get triple work from you. belive, you can not make happy them. I get as like this 5 times in my fiverr life. thanks for watching my topic, sorry for my bad English.


I would have said sorry I can’t do the gig the second I read his message and felt the attitude.


Isn’t it forbidden to sell Facebook accounts, or to create fake ones?


no, this for avoid such users who send instructions wrong.


thank you vigasan for your comment


I understand why you have posted it, what I’m saying is that you’re selling some services that are forbidden by the ToS of both Facebook and Fiverr (and that means that you might eventually get banned from Fiverr).


When you sell services that are not allowed by Fiverr then you will always get the worst kind of buyers. Even more silly is that if your service is not allowed then when you go to customer support they will cancel the gig and delete the gig and possibly your account.
I suggest reading what is actually allowed in the Terms of Service, removing the gigs that break the rules and that will stop you having to deal with people who are paying you to break the rules - these types are generally not nice to work with.


I have a request … Does anybody know the buyer named ****** ?
I got a msg from him yesterday for writing 2 articles for 5 dollars. I was sick so i cud not log into fiverr, main thing is that this is the first msg i have got since i joined fiverr. I dont know how to select the real buyers . the buyer is from philippines.
Kindly help me…
Thank you

Mod Note: Name removed. Please don’t mention buyer names in this way.


Its all trial and error.


oh i am extremely sorry


no, buyers ask for this job, seller do and deliver


thank you very much for your valuable informaion


its okey
no problem
I get it


If a buyer asks you to rob a bank, will you do that, too?

If you keep selling services that are forbidden, you will eventually get banned.


hmm good Idea, thanks for information. I get it