Avoid Order Cancellations


How to communicate with buyers to avoid order cancellations??? I need tips.


Read this:


It’s impossible. I’ve tried incredibly hard to avoid cancellations this year, however, yesterday after just getting back up to 100% orders completed, I had a buyer place a $160 order for bulk work delivered in just 1 day, with a request that I arrange a call with them to discuss the work in more detail.

You can try everything possible from delivering standard template pieces of work to buyers who don’t supply instructions, to insisting that buyers contact you before placing large orders. The simple truth, however, is that some kind of situation completely beyond your control will still come along like a ratings obliterating hurricane at some point.

Just got to live with the insanity I’m afraid.


Yes and quite regularly too. You cannot control the behavior of all buyers.


I know how that feels! Had a similar experience but contacted support and they canceled they order without affecting my cancellation ratio after reviewing the order.


Really? Mmmhh… Might try this. Thank you.


You’re most welcome.