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Avoid programs that don't work, build quality muscle fast!

Hey everyone,

Most muscle building programs don’t work long term. Sure, some people with elite genetics succeed, but they respond to any stimuli. New lifters can build a little bit off the newbie gains, but that will just lead to a plateau and hit a brick wall for all progress eventually. Using the available science, I have incorporated a few different workout programs into a novel approach to hypertrophy. It is unique, and provides a way to supercharge the muscle for future growth, breaking through plateaus, gaining muscle size fast, and providing the most anabolic environment for progress that lasts. My program utilizes myonuclear overloading, heightened mTOR stimulation, a rest and reset phase, a specialized strength phase, and the bodies extraordinary ability to adapt to stimuli. My gig sells this 10 week program, a paper with 54 references to explain the science behind why it works, and access to private custom YouTube videos which fully explain the exercises. This program is specially formulated to add on muscle mass. Strength will go up as well, but this is not a strength program so I wouldn’t expect massive results on that.

If anybody has any questions behind this or how it works, feel free to ask them below.