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Avoid SEO Link Sellers


This is truly terrible and I have the evidence to prove it. I ordered from user ***** for a NYT link. He/She directed me to a skype account - ***** in which I had to pay in bitcoins. Big mistake on my part. Never delivered and now won’t answer basic requests for an order update.

So, I decided to dig a little more. If you get directed to email anyone named *** or ****, don’t do it. It’s a ring set up and marketed by the first user, **** and a host of other fiverr gigs. Their Skypes are ****** and ******.

I’ve turned this into Fiverr, but of course the gigs are still live. Avoid these sellers at all cost. Better yet, you might want to avoid Fiverr at all cost. First and last experience with this site.

Mod Note: Please refrain from using names in this manner and abide by the forum rules.


please send this to customer support. And never, ever contact someone outside of fiverr, you’re just asking to be ripped out by unseemly sellers. Not all of us will rip you off, and I’m sorry you got conned :frowning:


I completely understand your frustration, but I wouldn’t say that all of the SEO sellers are bad or would do that to you. Also, if I’m not mistaken, it’s against the forum rules to use usernames in posts, so I’d advise to edit your post.


Nah, not editing the user names. People need to know who to avoid. I have concrete screen grabs and have turned it into Fiverr who have yet to take the gigs down.


I’m going to make it a hobby to make sure these people are exposed. Have them on eight sep accounts pulling the same thing. I may be out the money, but if I can save people from getting scammed, it’s worth the effort


It is against forum rules to name and shame sellers so you need to delete the names before a moderator deletes this or it is flagged.


Don’t worry, if you don’t remove the usernames, we will do it for you! We will remove it!


See how they edited this? Tells you everything you need to know about this site


As a moderator and the person who edited your post, I do not work for Fiverr and do this voluntarily.
As such, I have no access to anyone’s account and so I cannot verify anything a user says about another so if what you did was allowed it would just be a free-for-all with no verification. For any issue you have related to another site user you need to contact customer support who usually respond within 24 hours.

Do remember that you went outside of Fiverr and agreed to a transaction there which is against Fiverr’s terms of service and so what Fiverr can do for you is very limited. I do have sympathy with anyone who gets ripped off and I trust that CS will take appropriate action.


Fine. Heads up to anyone thinking of buying anything in the SEO section - don’t. It’s rife with scams. I can’t tell you who, but they will push you to pay outside of fiverr.


Did you read the Fiverr’s ToS?
I think you should really need to read it. Your answers are all there. You had a proof of fraud? It doesn’t matter to Fiverr because the transaction was not happened on the Fiverr website so they cannot track anything.
It is clearly mentioned that if someone tries to contact you outside of Fiverr, you should immediately report it to CS, but still you did what you were not supposed to do. It’s not Fiverr fault. You did all of those things.
Now… when everyone was saying you that posting other sellers usernames are not accepted here in the forum, and you said nah, i am not editing it! That’s your mistake.


As an SEO seller myself I refute that and would also point out that you as a buyer have the option to simply say NO to anyone breaking the rules and move on to another seller while clicking the report button on that seller’s message. Sure you had a bad experience but I sincerely doubt you have dealt with most of the 5000ish SEO sellers on the site which you would need to have done to be justified in making such a generalized statement.


I’d just suggest to put all the evidence together and contact CS. If you really want to help avoid any possible scam in the future for you or anyone else you should pass this on to the people who can actually do something.

PS: mods are really quick! By the time I come in the names are usually already gone and I’m not able to satisfy my curiosity :smiling_imp: Great job btw.


Oh I did last week. They are still up and selling away. Lesson learned. Just do a search for CNN, New York Times, Forbes. Contact them and they’ll fall right into giving you a text doc complete with an email address and skype. You can report them but nothing will happen.